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Make the switch to LogMeIn Central

As part of a comprehensive strategy to increase system security, all non-two-factor or non-multi-factor authentication (non 2FA/MFA) technologies, which include remote VPN access provided by customers, have been disabled. Our support team is now using LogMeIn Central for all remove access. LogMeIn Central is a remote access software that can be installed on any server...


Benefits of an iFrame Payment Process

Last week we successfully implemented iframes on the payment pages of Shift4 customer websites. And, we are currently testing a similar solution for non-Shift4 customers. This is an initiative that we began investigating the third quarter of last year as part of our organizational commitment to continuous improvement. We expedited the rollout as a component...

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PrismPOS April 2019 Release

1.9 Changes Bug fix for Cbord XML Authorization Fix for cashier report Allow very long names to show in customer searches 2.0 Changes Various fixes for VisualRATEX communication Fixed discount bug for refunds Fixed “can rent flag” bug. Enhancements for installations and data transports “Print After Sale” fixed Support for Foreign Currency Exchange


Build Your eCommerce Brand Using Simple Steps

Written by: Kevin Osano Your brand is your reputation. It’s what people envision when they think of your store or your products. It is the feeling they get when they do business with you. These same things are important when developing your eCommerce platform. Think about two websites, one is outdated and slow, the other...


Higher Ed Point-of-Sale in the Cloud

Microsoft and PrismRBS bring Canadian cloud-based campus retail to market   LINCOLN, Neb. – November 13, 2018 – PrismRBS, a subsidiary of Nebraska Book Company, announced its first PrismPOS cloud services customer to operate within a Canadian based Microsoft Azure cloud region. PrismRBS is dedicated to providing the best technology in their effort to empower...


Jeremy White steps into new role as President of PrismRBS

LINCOLN, Neb—Nebraska Book Company (NBC) is excited to announce Jeremy White’s promotion to President of PrismRBS. White will oversee PrismRBS and its commitment to continue providing world-class products and services to its new and existing customers.  Jeremy has been with NBC for nearly five years. During which time he has led the company’s information technology...


NBC and RBS Announce PrismRBS: Serving the best to higher education and the independent store marketplace

Lincoln, Neb.—Nebraska Book Company, Inc. and the Collegiate Retail Alliance, owner of RATEX Business Solutions, have merged their respective technology businesses. This merger introduces a new company, PrismRBS (Prism Retail Business Solutions). PrismRBS is now the most adopted campus-wide POS and ERP system serving higher education and the independent store marketplace. This transaction closed on...


CU Book Store Alpha/Beta Implementation of Prism|POS – Testimonial

The number and quality of resources dedicated to the development/implementation effort by both Nebraska Book Company (“NBC”) and Ratex Business Solutions (“RBS”) demonstrated an incredible level of commitment to the success of the project, and both companies have worked non-stop to ensure an incredibly short time from design to production deployment. In our history of...


How to Bring eCommerce to Life: Your eComm Checklist

Today, the path to purchase is becoming a lot more extensive. It can start and end at a different time, location and device. Businesses have to adopt to an ever-changing atmosphere to provide a seamless experience across all channels. Google research has found that at least 90 percent of consumers switch between multiple devices, on...