NBC and RBS Announce PrismRBS: Serving the best to higher education and the independent store marketplace

Lincoln, Neb.—Nebraska Book Company, Inc. and the Collegiate Retail Alliance, owner of RATEX Business Solutions, have merged their respective technology businesses. This merger introduces a new company, PrismRBS (Prism Retail Business Solutions). PrismRBS is now the most adopted campus-wide POS and ERP system serving higher education and the independent store marketplace. This transaction closed on May 1st, 2018.

PrismRBS is passionate about campus retail and we pride ourselves on being its most trusted partner in the industry. Our campus-wide solutions are thoughtfully designed to provide solutions that enhance the retail experience.

We believe that by empowering campus retail services with state-of-the-art eCommerce tools, real-time analytics and time saving back-office software, campuses will have a more positive experience and make a greater impact in the campus marketplace.

PrismRBS is the product of a strategic partnership between Nebraska Book Company’s technology division and RATEX Business Solutions. Together, we are excited to transform the campus retail experience. To learn more about PrismRBS visit, www.prismrbs.com.

About NBC, Inc.

NBC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nebraska Book Holdings, Inc., began in 1915 as an independent college bookstore and has evolved into a key resource partner to over 2,000 college retailers nationwide. NBC offers strategic business services and technology; including, localized eCommerce capabilities, back-end system access, campus-wide POS software and textbook solutions. NBC is devoted to supporting and strengthening higher education retail across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. For more information about the technology division of NBC, visit nebook.com/retail-systems-management/

About RBS, Inc.

RATEX Business Solutions (RBS) is the leading independent provider of sophisticated technology and expert management consulting services to college and university stores in North America. Dedicated to innovation, we help college retailers align technology with smart business to achieve success. RATEX is owned by the Collegiate Retail Alliance (CRA), a business coalition of independent college stores that have joined together to develop and deploy the industry’s best business practices. For more information about RATEX Business Solutions, Inc. visit www.ratex.com