CU Book Store Alpha/Beta Implementation of Prism|POS – Testimonial

The number and quality of resources dedicated to the development/implementation effort by both Nebraska Book Company (“NBC”) and Ratex Business Solutions (“RBS”) demonstrated an incredible level of commitment to the success of the project, and both companies have worked non-stop to ensure an incredibly short time from design to production deployment.

In our history of working with multiple software companies, have we never personally experienced such an aggressive and successful deployment of a complex mission critical application. Clearly this represents a new direction, and business modernization process, designed to meet the historically underserved needs of the Independent College Book Store.

We’ve found that the Prism|POS product itself is an intuitive and extremely user friendly application, and we believe that it will cut down on our student cashier training time by 50%. Current functionality of the product already meets our basic POS needs, and we’re confident that the enhancements over the next few weeks will exceed our previous capabilities.

The Cloud based nature of the application is also in line with the overall direction of our University, relative to managing IT hardware spend.

The announcement of the new Prism|rbs, LLC is even more exciting to us as we have experienced firsthand the ability of these two groups of talented individuals to deliver a quality solution in record time. We look forward to our new relationship with this energized business partner!”

— Chris Gotski Director