Campus Spotlight: California State University, Long Beach

Campus Spotlight: California State University, Long Beach

By Jared Ceja, director – bookstore division, CSULB and Scott Vandygrift, manager – beach tech, supplies & copy/print, CSULB

California State University Long Beach has become the first educational institution tooffer campus-wide phone chargers-to-go to its students, faculty and staff through a partnership with Electron-to-Go.

Having a dead battery was recently confirmed as one of the top 10 stress contributors for millennials by Daily Mail News, nestled between slow Wi-Fi and forgotten passwords. The 49er Shops at CSULB saw the issue first-hand through their dining services and the university bookstore. Students were often heard asking to borrow a charger, seeking an open outlet or complaining about their dead phone. A solution was found when Electron-to-Go approached 49er Shops management. Electron’s Supernova Stations work for both iPhone and Android devices. Units are now conveniently placed at five locations at CSULB so individuals can grab, use, and return portable charger’s throughout campus. Many system users charge as they head to class or the office, eliminating the hassle of having to find a spot to sit and charge.

Pricing for the service starts at as little as $1 for 24 hours of unlimited charging. Electron-to-Go also offers longer terms at discounted rates. This includes $10 for unlimited monthly access and $35 for a semester subscriptions. “The best feeling was getting our first annual subscription only one week into installing our first Supernova Station in the University Bookstore,” said Mark Sutton, VP of Business Development. Co-Founder Nasim Muabbat followed with “The launch exceeded our expectations. We are so thankful that CSULB saw the vision for what this program could offer students and faculty alike.”

“Students are seeing the value and convenience offered by the portable chargers,” said Steve Espinosa, Customer Service Manager with the 49er Shops. “Many have said that they wish we had this service on campus earlier.”

Electron offers universities two program options including one built as a revenue sharing partnership with FREE equipment. They would love to meet you at C3X in Phoenix, Arizona.

Source: NACAS West