Privacy Statement for Authentication Services

Our eCommerce clients have the option to utilize campus authentication services in order to limit purchases of specific items to eligible users, accurately associate transactions such as course material rentals to the proper customer, provide access to course materials information based on a student’s schedule, etc.

In those cases, attribute information is only used for validation/user authentication, and, when applicable, to derive course enrollment information for building course book selections.

Attributes are never stored, except user ID and email information. Course information, when provided, is processed upon receipt and is not stored.

In the eCommerce platform, the act of displaying an admin page that contains personally identifiable data is logged, along with the identity of the reader of such information.

In the case of a breach of our systems that exposed PII, we will notify all affected parties, provide details of the event and our planned remediation. This is in line with our published Incidence Response Plan.