From Buyback to Coming Back

From Buyback to Coming Back

We know it’s not always possible to find the time and talent to create and execute marketing campaigns and strategy, so we hope this series makes your life a little bit easier.

Your fall semester buyback event is an easy way to get students into the store. Incentivizing them with cash for their books is a natural draw. But, taking your buyback promotion one step further may give them a reason to do their holiday shopping in store or return early the next semester.

Enter: the buyback gift card promotion. For every book a student sells back to your store, load $5 onto a store gift card for future use. (If you haven’t yet ordered your holiday-themed or general-use gift cards, check out our templates and let simplify your gift-card ordering process!)

Download our buyback gift card promotion graphics below, and post this suggested social copy on your channels: Cash (and gift cards) for books! Students, sell your books back to us for cash and get $5 on a [Store Name] gift card for every book you sell back. Use the gift card for your holiday or future shopping!


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