Top 5 reasons to upgrade your PrismWeb template

eCommerce is becoming a more integral part of the customer experience. Shoppers like the convenience of online shopping, including the ability to research and compare prices. But, a poor digital shopping experience leads to low conversion rates and lost business in the future.

The latest PrismWeb template was designed to reflect the changing digital shopping landscape, while making it easier for you to make updates.

If you haven’t upgraded, here are the top five reasons you should:


#5: Additional functionality to improve customer experience and increase conversions.

Upgrading your template will give your customers exactly what they want – a clean, simple shopping experience – and you exactly what you want – an easy-to-update template that leads to conversions.

The new template features administrative self-service features for increased productivity and an optimized site search experience.


#4: A comfortable, responsive template for any screen size.

Seventy percent of mobile searches lead to action within an hour. That’s staggering, especially when compared with desktop users who take about a month to reach the same percentage.

The latest PrismWeb template is designed to make shopping from a phone or tablet a breeze. When you upgrade, shoppers will experience your site optimally, whether they’re shopping on a tablet or smartphone. The template adapts to any screen size, and buttons and links are now bigger and easier to click.


#3: An easy-to-use content management system.

Raise your hand if making updates to your site or using HTML is intimidating. You’re not alone.

Avoid the stress of navigating through HTML files to make updates to your frequently changing content with the new template’s simple content management system. Manage announcements, store hours and contact information right from PrismWeb Manager. It’s a win, win, win: less stress for you, an updated site and optimized shopping experience for customers.


#2: A less cluttered, cleaner and faster checkout experience

Have you ever loaded up your digital cart online, initiated the checkout process and then abandoned the whole thing, because the process was too cumbersome? It’s okay. We’ve all been there.

Don’t jeopardize your sales with a poor checkout experience. The new PrismWeb template was designed with this in mind. It features a less cluttered and speedier checkout experience for your customers.

The checkout process was optimized with a cleaner design and improved logic to increase a customers’ rate of moving from cart to sale. The improved flow and user experience will guide customers from start-to-finish smoothly.


#1: An updated look and feel designed with customer experience and shopability in mind.

Think about websites you’ve visited recently. What was your experience? You’re probably thinking about some really great digital experiences and some really poor ones. Did the great site increase your time spent there? Did it increase your trust in the information or products being provided? Most likely.

You only have approximately 15 seconds to capture your web visitors’ attention, which is why it’s imperative to upgrade your template and provide an improved shopping experience.

The latest template offers a modern web presence across all devices – mobile, tablet and desktop – that your customers have come to expect. Intuitive design, robust performance and optimized eCommerce functionality ensure an improved user experience for you and your staff and for your digital-savvy customers.


Get started

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