How to Bring eCommerce to Life: Your eComm Checklist

Today, the path to purchase is becoming a lot more extensive. It can start and end at a different time, location and device. Businesses have to adopt to an ever-changing atmosphere to provide a seamless experience across all channels.

Google research has found that at least 90 percent of consumers switch between multiple devices, on average three per day to complete a task[1]. Because of this change, businesses are using different marketing strategies to guide their customers through an omnichannel journey.

Customers have a need to interact with a brand at anytime, anywhere. As a business, the key to success is the preparation and strategy you put behind your business to compete and become relevant in this ever-changing marketplace.

The NBC e-commerce team has pulled what they find are some key strategies to help you start a successful omnichannel experience.

“Content is king” –It is important to reach your customers through the right channels with the right context.

How does NBC help you do that? Our Digital Marketing Program provides key marketing techniques to reach your customers across an array of channels accessible by all devices.

  • By using intuitive retargeting campaigns that include both on site slider panels and abandoned cart emails, shoppers are able to view their browsing history and convert based on items they liked or showed interest in during their website visit.
  • We work congruently with our clients to create promotional campaigns that are shared through a vast affiliate network of loyalty and rewards sites.
  • By utilizing geo-targeted search engine marketing campaigns we help drive new traffic to our customer’s sites by bidding out the competition. The campaigns are crafted creatively by using keywords that will attract new visitors, alumni and parents.

Knowledge of the customer– To provide a valuable experience to your customers, you need to understand their shopping interests and their goals. Through web-analytics, businesses can now identify the various channels traffic is coming in from as well as demographic and geographic information that will help make decisions to generate more sales on-site and in the store.

  • Google Analytics- A powerful tool on its own, G.A. allows you to tap into relevant information about your shoppers.
    • How did your shoppers land on your site- social media, direct, organic or referral traffic.
    • What device did they use? Mobile or desktop- It is important to have a mobile friendly website that allows your shoppers the ability to browse and shop your site with ease.
    • What was the average order value? Information such as AOV allows you to create promotions based on the average basket size of your website.

This, among many other metrics attained within website analytics are key to using website data in ways of promoting your website and store through the channels and devices that your shoppers are most utilizing.

Responsive website design- As we discussed earlier, shoppers are now accessing your site through multiple channels and devices. You wouldn’t want to invite your friends to a house warming party when your house is not ready yet.

NBC’s new website template allows your shoppers to engage in a customer friendly experience from start to finish.

  • With a newly updated look and feel to the homepage, you can now keep your customers informed about the latest news through engaging content via rotating banners.
  • The checkout optimization allows for an improved flow from start to finish.
  • The template adopts to any screen size allowing you to transition your mobile visitors to mobile customers.