Higher Ed Point-of-Sale in the Cloud

Microsoft and PrismRBS bring Canadian cloud-based campus retail to market


LINCOLN, Neb. – November 13, 2018 – PrismRBS, a subsidiary of Nebraska Book Company, announced its first PrismPOS cloud services customer to operate within a Canadian based Microsoft Azure cloud region. PrismRBS is dedicated to providing the best technology in their effort to empower Canadian higher education customers. In order to achieve these goals, it’s important to adopt cutting-edge services like the Microsoft Azure cloud.

“Delivering cloud-based services and solutions on Canadian soil is a part of our strategic vision. PrismRBS is committed to providing the best campus-wide retail solutions designed to support our Canadian customers. Collaborating with companies like Microsoft is so crucial and only the beginning of what the company has in store moving forward,” says Jeremy White, President of PrismRBS.

PrismRBS successfully implemented their cloud based point-of-sale, PrismPOS, in Canadian territory. With more certifications than any other cloud provider, Microsoft Azure cloud allows Canadian campus retailers to run PrismRBS products with confidence their data is secure as required within PIPEDA restrictions. Along with the protection of secure data, the Azure cloud provides access to a menu of pre-built tools and features, regional data centers and improved functionality. Whether it’s in a campus store, food service or a coffee shop, the PrismRBS product suite provides the tools needed to drive sales and create lasting consumer experiences.

About PrismRBS

PrismRBS is a technology and software provider for campus retail services owned by NBC. PrismRBS serves as a partner to over 500 college retailers, providing technology solutions which support student success and strengthen higher education retail across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. In addition, PrismRBS leads the industry in point-of-sale solutions, real-time dashboards and analytics, back-end inventory software, mobile solutions and eCommerce software and services. For more information about PrismRBS, visit www.prismrbs.com.