Manage campus retail with proven solutions

What is VisualRatex?

For over 20 years, VisualRATEX has been one of the leading solutions for independent college stores. The product of years of experience and knowledge, this feature-rich platform delivers the most comprehensive course materials solution available. In addition, continuing investments in the general merchandise (GM) functions are helping stores manage the shift from high reliance on course materials to the growing GM space. 


  • Inventory Management 
  • Full Accounting Suite
  • Course Materials 
  • Sophisticated Rental and eBook Capabilities 
  • General Merchandising 
  • Campus Integrations (Student Cards, AR, Accounting) 
  • Supplier Connections (EDI and custom) 
  • Digital Discovery and Selling 
  • Security Management 
  • On-Premise or Hosted Options 
  • Electronic Shelf-Tags 
  • Multi-Store Capability 

Software for Life 

Software for Life is our commitment to you as our client. PrismRBS and Harris Education Solutions understand that you have significant investments in existing solutions, potentially complex workflows, and reporting that can be very difficult to replace.  Software for Life ensures that if customers find value in mature applications, we will continue to support them. As we look forward with new products, like Mosaic, we continuously engage with Prism Core and Ratex system users to protect their investments with PrismRBS. 

Said another way, we want to provide an upgrade path to you when we both are certain it’s the right time.​ 

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