Mosaic is an intuitive retail solution designed to focus on your business so you can focus on what really matters, your customers.

With Mosaic, PrismRBS has broken the mold of traditional store software providers. We have re-designed our store management application using decades of combined industry knowledge within our own staff and the collective experience of our vast user base to create a new, purpose-built software solution. 

Our development approach is Agile, so we focus attention first on what is necessary to successfully manage your business, then enhance functionality where there are clear growth opportunities. All updates to Mosaic are informed by the continuous feedback of current and prospective customers. We keep ourselves accountable by continuously sharing our roadmap and showing our progress. Our clients benefit from continuously improving functionality with updates deployed monthly, while we benefit from their continuous engagement. 

So far, we are thrilled with the result. Mosaic is a system built for today’s campus stores without the distractions of obsolete, unnecessary, or expensive overhead. We think you will be thrilled too with an opportunity to influence your future software as we continue to grow our application.  


  • The improved user experience allows you to get your work done quickly, so you can focus on your business, not your system
  • Truly cloud-based system that automatically applies security updates and reduces your need for local IT resources
  • Fully integrated to PrismPOS and PrismWeb
  • One system works campus-wide, providing a consistent customer and staff experience
  • Connect to your system anywhere, not just in-store
  • Data sharing is easy with modern API functionality
  • Continuous development to ensure the product brings value to each release


  • Intuitive, all-in-one user experience
  • Merchandise management for simple, matrixed, and serialized products
  • End-to-end course materials setup, procurement, and sales
  • Real-time stock on hand tracking
  • Shopper profiles with transaction capture.
  • Financial aid enablement with automated restrictions
  • Multi-location store management including merchandise transfers
  • Visual, print, and raw data extraction
  • Integrated touch screen cash registers
  • Integrated online selling and order processing
  • Data import and export tools
  • Integrations to industry-leading, strategic partners

Tech Notes

  • Cloud-hosted
  • Compatible with the most common browsers
  • No user licenses or client applications

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